Acharya Drugs Agnipalini 30 Tablet

Acharya Drugs Agnipalini 30 Tablet


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1.According to Ayurveda,all the diseases have Agni, THE DIGESTIVE FIRE as the root cause.

2. Hyper Acidity is one such disorder where impairment of agni will lead to problems such as burning sensation in the chest and abdomen, sour belchings,inability to consume food even when hungry and sometimes associated with constipation and in some patients with loose stools.

Simple tips to overcome Hyper Acidity

1. People suffering from hyperacidity should consume food with less amount of salt, sour and spicy things.

2.Buttermilk is the most ideal drink for such patients.

3.People with acidity who have a sedentary life style should go for an "after food walk"

4. There are various ayurvedic medicines that are available. ASDP's syrup Agni Palini is very effective in combating Hyper Acidity.

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